An Evolution in Orthopedics

206 Ortho has developed and patented a unique bioresorbable, high strength material to repair broken bones. It is designed to improve patient care, quality of life and eliminate the billions of dollars spent annually on elective surgeries to remove implants. Replacing permanent metal implants has the potential to transform the $8 Billion Trauma and Extremity markets.

Improved Clinical Outcomes

Engineered to provide the ideal support to load bearing bones to enable the natural healing process and reduce pain

Reduce Cost of Treatments

Eliminating additional surgeries and care for chronic pain would save the Healthcare system over $12 Billion annually

Patented Technology        

206 Ortho has over 25 patent and patent applications. The technology focuses on high strength, bioresorbable, minimally invasive applications.

A Global Market in Need of Change

For over 100 years the only clinical options surgeons have had are permanent metal implants to provide stability for fractured bones during healing, however, present implants have significant limitations. The metal implants are often painful and patients undergo an elective surgery to remove these permanent implants.


of patients live with pain and discomfort


of "elective" removal surgeries are within 1 year


of patients considered removal surgery as the most negative aspect of treatment

The New Reality in Healthcare

The current market shift from volume-based to outcome-based reimbursement model and access to information is creating considerable opportunities for innovation in a stagnant industry. A high strength resorbable implant will revolutionize this market.

It’s Time to get out of the Iron Age

Designed for the New Model

206 Ortho’s technology was designed with nature in mind to mimic the natural composite structure of bone. The versatility of the material allows it to have the potential to be substituted for metal implants in many orthopedic applications in the $8 Billion Trauma and Extremities market.

Optimal Bone Support

Engineered to provide the ideal support to load bearing bones to enable the natural healing process and reduce pain

Tailored Degradation Rate

Designed to support the boned during healing then is resorbed by the body to get the patient back to their life the first time, eliminating removal surgeries and complications

Versatile Material

The potential to be substituted for metal implants in many orthopedic applications pins, screws, plates, nails, staples and more.

Backed by a Pioneer in the Orthopedic Field

“206 Ortho’s solution has the ability to revolutionize orthopedics much like the stent revolutionized cardiology. As a private practice orthopedic surgeon and owner in a surgery center, we have always focused on patient satisfaction- providing the best patient care in convenient locations. Being able to offer our patients a truly minimally invasive treatment using a high strength degradable implant to get them back to function faster at a reduced cost is ideal. 206 Ortho could dramatically advance patient care. If we are not using this technology, our patients will seek it out.”

-Jack Jensen, M.D., F.A.C.S.M., founded his first surgical center in 1985

206 Ortho is a privately held company founded in 2011 through the Arthur M. Blank Center for entrepreneurship at Babson College to develop and commercialize solutions for healing bone fractures which would positively impact patients’ lives and make healthcare more affordable globally. Their goal is to help people with bone fractures get back to their lives faster without permanent implants, fewer complications, less discomfort and at a reduced treatment cost. Bringing together the best thinking from across a broad range of industries they have created and protected the optimal solution, including patent 26 filings. 206 Ortho’s resorbable composite delivers the next generation in orthopedic care.